January 22, 2016
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Missing your data-led visual content fix? Fear not, we got you. The team at infogr8 have curated the most inspiring and interesting visual content we have stumbled on this week.

The Story of Palm Oil
Nice and Serious/Guardian
Scrollable story


When shopping, special offers and prices tend to catch our eye. A deal is often hard to resist. However, the social responsibility of the companies making these products is less apparent. This scrollable story by Nice and Serious for the Guardian shows the devastating impact from the cultivation of palm oil and rubber. The level of deforestation in countries like Indonesia is estimated to be around half the size of the England. You can see which companies are using certified sustainable palm oil and those which aren’t.


Messi vs. Ronaldo
Tangled in Design
Data Blog


You’ve probably heard of these two guys, their stats when it comes to football is just staggering. So much so, that Tangled in Design have put together a side by side comparison of their goals, assists, appearances etc. in a simple and visually compelling way. You can easily compare at a glance, and the stats are not overwhelming, instead you’re told a story of how their seasons are going alongside their the honours they’ve won.


How Nations Compete on Technology, Innovation, and Financial Development
Interactive Graphic


Quartz have produced a fantastic interactive graphic comparing each country’s relative economic strength using data from the Global Competitiveness Report. Each country’s relative economic strength is determined by analyzing twelve pillars–including capacity to innovate, infrastructure, and health factors. The map is easy to navigate using colour to determine areas that can be clicked on. Hovering over some of the data gives you a pop-up box which further explains the factor in more detail.


Reinventing the (Flavor) Wheel: Industry Collaborates to Identify Coffee SCAA and WCR

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 14.22.05

Coffee lovers, behold, here is what your dreams are made of: a new flavour wheel of all the coffee flavour attributes. With over three years of scientific research and collaboration within the specialty coffee community, this flavour wheel is a significant milestone in coffee research. This is the largest and most collaborative piece of research on coffee flavor ever completed, inspiring a new set of vocabulary for industry professionals. This powerful statistical analysis enabled SCAA to group flavor attributes into a hierarchy and arrange them in tiers around a wheel.


How You Will Die
Flowing Data
Interactive Module

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 10.15.11

You never quite know when that dark day will come and you will pop your clogs, but at least we now have a slightly better idea, thanks to a new interactive module for Nathan Yau at Flowing Data. Using records of death for those who met their maker in the US between 1999 and 2014, we can select our gender, age and ethnicity to run animated simulations showing when we are likely to become worm food, and what the cause of death is likely to be. We were surprised that cancer is not the main concern, as this is what all the chatter seams to be entered around. Nevertheless, it could be time to dust of that old bucket list and make the most of our time left, however long that may be.


What happens online in 60 seconds?
Smart Insights

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 17.55.26


There’s not much we can do in 60 seconds. Maybe we could send several WhatsApp message or do a Google search. What’s interesting is when you calculate what happens in 60 seconds online, that’s what Smart Insights have done, and the numbers are quite astounding. We’re swimming in a sea of content and it’s only going to increase.


Technology explained: What is a VPN?
2D Animation

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 12.51.16

Have you ever wondered what a VPN is? This short and simple 2D Animation by the BBC helps explain what it is and what it’s used for. Visuals, when done correctly, can explain things that are quite complex. Great for educational purposes.


Information, Time, Knowledge


Ultimately, with all the information that’s out there, we must all push to create meaningful and compelling content which resonates with people. There’s only so much time.