October 23, 2015
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Missing your data-led visual content fix? Fear not, we got you. From a challenge between humans and termites to the impact of the design industry on UK economy, the team at infogr8 have curated the most inspiring and interesting visual content we have stumbled on this week.


How China is changing. 


Scrollable story

The China Context

Alibaba – is the fastest growing e-commerce website of the last years. They became very popular worldwide in 2014, after the massive IPO that broke any previous record regarding funds raised through share ownership.  In the industry, many competitors are asking themselves what are the secrets leading to such a success. The answer is not simple, but the e-commerce giant gives away a little hint in this topline scrollable story. Part of its success is due to the main market in which it operates: China. The statistics they report on simply displayed. The website shows a detailed breakdown of the main reasons why China could be the ultimate market for every e-commerce store able to understand the Chinese population and offer them what they need.


Strava Insights Report



Strava Insights

Strava – is a super useful application to monitor cycling and running activities. Today, there are more than 136 million active users tracking their daily sports routines with this application. Through the use of the millions of data points the company has been able to gather from users in twelve cities around the world, they developed an interactive website depicting these very interesting statistics. From the most used routes for commuting to the preferred times for running and cycling, going through “record days”, the guys at Strava did amazing work in visualising in a clear and simple way the insightful and useful data.
Renewable energy, climate change and environment safety are themes that almost every day is on the first page of the newspaper, both print and online. Governments are promising to be proactive on improving the situation that could lead to disastrous consequences. The problem is they are not delivering, or at least, not delivering enough. The G20 countries are still spending $88 billion per year subsiding exploration for fossil fuels, probably one of the main causes of ecological disasters around the globe. The Overseas Development Institute, ODI, published a report with detailed data on spending on fossil fuel exploration of the G20 nations. To support the report, ODI also crafted an interactive map and infographics to show how this money should be invested in another form of fuels.




The guys at Tableau have been quiet for some time, but this week released a new product, just in time for Christmas. After developing one of the most successful software to analyse and visualise data of every type and size,  Vizable is their latest creation. It has been designed with the concept of mobility always in mind. In fact, the app is optimized for tablets and to be used on the go. Just upload your datasheet and Vizable converts it automatically into simple graphs you can manipulate as you wish: add columns, change calculations, analyse trends, filter and share are a few of the functions you have available at your fingertips. Another incredible feature is that all of this is totally free.

The Design Economy

Design Council

Animated Infographic


 The Design Economy
What is the impact of the design industry within the whole of UK economy? The Design Council answers this question with a superbly animated infographic to summarise their report ‘The Design Economy”. The findings of this report are in-depth and insightful. In 2013, the design sector generated £71.7bn in gross value added (GVA), equivalent to 7.2% of total GVA. Moreover, in the period between 2009-2013, the design economy GVA increased by 27.9%, compared to 18.1% across the UK entire economy. Almost 580,000 people are directly employed in the UK’s design industries while a further 1 million designers work across the economy in non-design industries making this sector the ninth biggest employer in the country!  Check out more from the report, don’t miss the opportunity to read the whole report to however, it’s not free!

How Dry Is California?

Washington Post

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 How Dry Is California
California has always had drought issues, but the last four years have been particularly tough for The Golden State. Low precipitation, dwindling mountain snowpack levels and the hottest temperature in the state history are the causes, that lead to the drop of water supplies to lows never experienced before. The Washington Post investigated the phenomenon and represented its finding in this scrollable story. To explain the dramatic situation, the newspaper highlights the case of Don Pedro, a large reservoir in the San Joaquin River Basin, and shows the different levels it used to maintain and how it is today.  Take a look at the full story here.
 Man vs Beast
What do humans and termites have in common? We both like to build things. BBC, as part of their new video series ‘Man vs. Beast’, compares humans against wild animals to understand who is better in specific tasks. In the first episode the question they want to answer is: Are termites better builders than we are? Us humans sure now how to build, for instance, the Burj Khalifa is an impressive piece of engineering no? But what about the little termites? Watch the 2D animated video to find the answer. You’ll be surprised!
Apprenticeships are the perfect way to boost your career. The UK government is working hard to create three million positions as apprentices in the next five years. So, would you like to get an apprenticeship, but you are struggling to find one? Look no further! The team at Apprenticeship Connect designed this infographic listing tips and tricks on how to land the perfect apprenticeship and how to prepare and present yourself for the big day. The infographic is pretty text (we don’t like lots of text) but the content is useful and will be helpful to any aspiring apprentice to realise hopefully their dreams.


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