March 28, 2017
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We’re pleased to announce long-standing Guardian group deputy graphics editor Giulio Frigieri officially joins infogr8 to head up the Creative Direction of the award-winning data design department.

Giulio will oversee all major data led and editorial projects setting the creative strategy, raising the bar on all agency standards and pole-vaulting the growing design team to glory here in London.

Richard Silvester, Managing Director at infogr8 added: “Having worked with Giulio for several years across a variety of ad hoc projects, I’m delighted for him to jump on board this very exciting period. His talent and experience in the news desk world is second to none and his eye for detail and rigour will unquestionably help raise the bar with the standards of the agency.

Giulio started his career as a cartographer at publisher Zanichelli before moving onto visualising data for United Nations Environment Programme, Le Monde Diplomatique and Human Rights Watch. After a move to London in 2009, Giulio plied his trade at The Guardian and The Observer producing the news visually and representing it across print and web, under rapid deadlines. He recently contributed to conceiving the award-winning Open Migration Platform and led its design and implementation, including its interactive data visualisation tools that map core dimensions of the migration process in real time.

Giulio recently led the Cyberseek project presenting an immersive dashboard for users to explore the gaps in Cybersecurity. He is also leading the strategy across a new and explorative project for Nesta launching in May around using data to answer use cases to help inform Welsh government.

Giulio commented:

“There is a digital ecosystem competing for audience attention, whilst users crave for quality compelling content, visual and interactive. Content marketing is where I want to be to enter this fray and I am excited by infogr8 achievements and potential in the field. infogr8 ability to combine warmth with thoroughness and make quality and creativity thrive is the perfect ingredient to get some amazing work done and for us to continue to innovate within the content space.”

The news comes at an ideal time of growth seeing infogr8 connect rich and experienced news desk talent alongside technology to combine data stories through a lens of modern day content. infogr8 believe data should be for everyone, the recent acquisition will take that mission one step closer.