Jane Zhang
April 19, 2023
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Below is an excerpt from our latest issue, with key industry updates from the dataviz world:


  • Data Visualization State of the Industry 2022 Report: This annual report presents data from 1,500+ dataviz practitioners on their demographics, occupations, compensation, tools of choice and more.
  • Observable releases Gephi Lite: A ‘free and open-source web application to visualise and explore networks. It is a lighter version of Gephi, on the web’.


  • Viz for Social Good with WHO (April 18-May 23): New project calling for volunteers on transforming data into powerful, accessible visualisations for positive change.
  • Outlier Conference 2023 (May 3-5): The third annual Outlier will take place online and in Porto, Portugal.
  • Tableau Conference 2023 (May 9-11): 200+ sessions packed into three days in Las Vegas.
  • IsVis 2023 (May 17): The Israeli Visualisation Conference at the University of Haifa.
  • Graphic Hunters S-H-O-W (June 1-2): A two-day event filled with talks and workshops by data journalists, data designers, data researchers and data artists. Hosted at University of Utrecht.
  • EUROVIS 2023 (June 12-16): The 25th edition of this conference will be hosted by Leipzig University.
  • Config (June 21-22): Figma’s global design conference, live from San Francisco.

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