Jane Zhang
March 7, 2023
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Below is an excerpt from our February 2023 issue, with key industry updates from the dataviz world:

  • SvelteHack: A Svelte Hackathon from February 17 to April 17 with a $12,000 prize for submitting a project using Svelte as its primary dependency. 
  • Top 10 Insights from our 2022 State of Data Journalism Survey: The second edition of the survey results share the demographics, skills, tools and work practices of 1,800+ data journalists. 
  • ChatGPT and AI’s Impact on Data Visualisation Work: An overview of how ChatGPT will affect jobs, design decisions, efficiency and accessibility in our world.
  • Winners of World Data Visualization Prize announced: In partnership with the World Government Summit, the competition announced eight winners who were awarded a piece of the $50,000 prize pot.
  • Open Data Day 2023: Explore events happening from 4th to 10th March to celebrate open data all over the world.
  • Outlier Conference 2023: Hosted by the Data Visualization Society, this conference will be hosted in person at Porto, Portugal and online this year. Speaker applications are open, and early-bird tickets are on sale.
  • DataFest Tbilisi 2022 recordings: Talks from the sixth edition of this conference are live on their YouTube channel. The topics cover data activism, open governance, data science and AI, data journalism, data visualisation and data analytics.