Richard Silvester
September 28, 2023
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In our new year announcement, I talked briefly about the power of unified teams and genuine partnerships. To be a company with good values, we need to value good company. On that thread, I couldn’t think of anyone better to join infogr8’s board than trusted friend, Tableau Visionary and prolific author Carl Allchin as our adviser on data. 

Carl will bring foresight and further rigour in how we and our clients use data as we grow the infogr8 proposition: helping organisations ‘do more with data’ through our unique pod model that matches industry leaders with a trusted global network of data visualisation specialists.

I had the pleasure of meeting Carl at a Guardian information design masterclass in London in 2012. A bunch of interesting people joined that day, and the packed auditorium was filled with friendly collisions – team leaders, designers, strategists and engineers all feeding off a collaborative intersection of people taking the day to absorb knowledge and collaborate.  As a younger analyst applying his data skills to the finance world at the time, with a genuine desire for data viz about basketball, I had no doubt Carl was going to make a very exciting and innovative drive to the net.

It turns out Carl’s right-brain, left-brain mindset not only helped him grow in his current role as Head Coach at The Information Lab, become a four-time Tableau Visionary, and publish his third book. It also helped keep our friendly collisions alive over the past decade and brought us where we are today.

Here’s what Carl had to say:

“Helping others understand what is possible with data, finding the value within it and developing people’s skills has always driven me. infogr8 have been a leading creator and innovator, so Richard and the team mesh perfectly with my own aims. Helping infogr8 in their next stages of evolution and growth is a hugely exciting opportunity.”

Carl joins our existing board alongside Otto Stevens (M&A), Anna Rowley (Culture partner), Paul Smith (Finance) and our General Manager’s Stewart Pickering (Sustainability), Jake Madsen (EdTech) and Andrew Potter (Healthcare).

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