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Insurance is a fact of life, but we all need different kinds of policy. Money Advice Service wanted to allow people to see, at a glance, which insurance packages best suit their personal circumstances – whether they’re renters or homeowners, starting a new job or starting a family, for example. It soon became clear to us that there were too many options and variables for a static web-based design.

We needed to take a different approach.



Our team developed an interactive, illustrated microsite: each user selects from a number of options that best describe their own situation and is guided through a series of circular diagrams. They are then offered advice on the policies that best suit their own life circumstances.

We’ve been working exclusively with the Money Advice Service since they first starting producing infographics. In fact, we developed their infographic brand guidelines. [Link to new writeup once up.] This has helped us understand the best way of visualising information for them without overloading the audience with a labyrinth of windows, toggles and drop down menus. We’ve used their house style of illustration and introduced features like social share buttons to help support social, search and PR objectives.

View the interactive here.





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