What’s the secret to successful visual content marketing for finance brands?


  • The finance world can be a tough place for a marketer. Creating inspired content that communicates brand messages, engages customers and keeps the compliance team happy is a tough nut to crack.

    At infogr8, we’ve found that telling visual stories delivers particularly brilliant results for finance brands. Combining the crucial strategic vision with user-friendly design opens up big possibilities for creative, shareable and high-impact finance content.


  • infogr8 worked with the Money Advice Service to solve some of MAS’s content marketing challenges.

    Directly answer customers’ financial questions

    infogr8 has used search insight and research data to identify the topic customers are struggling to understand and used that information to create visual outputs that worked to fill a wide range of customer knowledge gaps.


    Make complex financial information accessible

    Financial data or messaging can sometimes be mind-meltingly complex. infogr8 has helped MAS to present a distillation of the technical, complicated or, dare we say it, sometimes boring in a way that’s instantly accessible.


    Be interactive

    Interactive visual content and tools can deliver impressive results in terms of engagement. We developed interactive visual tools that help people understand what insurance they need depending on their lifestyle and circumstances.


    Plan to use assets across multiple channels

    infogr8 created content with atomisation in mind from the get-go. This means MAS content was ideal for distribution across different channels such as websites and social channels.


    Tell short finance stories that are quick to digest

    Understanding finance can be overwhelming, so we make sure we use data cards to visualise key finance stats and figures – ultimately, to turn them into a story.


    Use print in creative ways

    There is a big market to reach outside the digital world. infogr8 used print formats that are attractive to look at – and even interact with – to reach those consumers.


    Create topical content with PR potential

    Financial brands often have to battle negative media stories. We created positive content that was picked up by Rightmove and This is Money while also being shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.


    Establish clear visual guidelines

    infogr8 established a set of visual guidelines for designers to follow when developing infographics and data visualisations for MAS, ensuring the content creation process is simpler, faster and more likely to comply with brand and legal standards.


A micro checklist for mortgages we created with the MAS team was featured on Rightmove and This Is Money- where it earned 137 comments- as well as the government’s ‘Housing Matters’ magazine. Facebook and Twitter versions of the graphic got 65,000 and 174,000 clicks respectively.

"infogr8 have done a great job of really listening to our needs and requirements, and developed engaging infographics for the partners we work with. infogr8 are able to help us project manage Infographic ideas from conception right through delivery, and always on hand to assist with brainstorming new and interesting angles. Their passion for what they produce is infectious, and their kind and caring personality makes me feel my work is always in trusted and reliable hands." - Lucy Mitchell-Kennelly, Content Manager, Money Advice Service

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Richard Silvester
Richard Silvester