Data Journalist

We are looking for a curious and self-motivated data journalist to help clients discover, craft and visualise the story hiding in their data.


You will have a diverse background and range of storytelling skills across multiple media formats. You’re passionate about diving deep into datasets to discover new stories and trends. You are comfortable explaining technical topics to non-technical audiences, and clearly communicate your findings in a visual format. We’re looking for a person who loves working with data, always thinking of creative references and sharing inspiration with the wider team.


You are a naturally curious person and don’t mind getting into the weeds on technical topics. You also love to learn new skills and are motivated by working in a fast-paced environment. In everything you produce, you are extremely detail-oriented, obsessed with accuracy and clear in your presentation.


As a key storyteller, you will act as the owner of the story throughout a multitude of projects. You will be comfortable crafting the messaging, proposition and narratives for digital products and stories, and act as the guardian of this narrative throughout the project.






Interested candidates should email a CV and portfolio samples to [email protected] with “Data journalist” in the subject line.

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