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Infographic editorial

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1-1 weeks

A visually stunning custom premium illustrated information graphic. No dry facts, instead we produce a meaningful data map to validate the story, then we produce a custom creative to transform the story into a clear and engaging visual.


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Ideal for PR-able stories and a visual companion that can support a press release and sometimes cut through and reach further.

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Essential aid to show highlights and drive tra c towards longer form content.

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Allows your audience to find what they want fast and in a more engaging way.

Teach First

infogr8 were great to work with taking time to understand a difficult brief. They have a clear and structured way of working and always met our timescales – coming up with some really creative ideas to make our data visualisations work. We are really pleased with final products and would definitely recommend them.

Kate Mairs
Comms officer, Teach First

A Winning Strategy

To get the most value from content you’ll need a strategic, joined up approach. Here’s a few relevant items to help you achieve just that..

How to back it up
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Data research & insights

Who to give it to
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Content outreach

Who once said...

Content is king

Bill Gates
Ben Shneiderman
Edward Tufte
Al Shalloway

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