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Annual report

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4-8 weeks

Transform your annual report into an easily digestible and visually stunning asset for both online and print.


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Communicate your business stories and data in accessible ways using insightful charts and meaningful visuals.

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Contains fewer pages than traditional annual reports, yet displays more content.

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Engage stakeholders and improve sentiment around your annual report.

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Senior Account Manager
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A Winning Strategy

To get the most value from content you’ll need a strategic, joined up approach. Here’s a few relevant items to help you achieve just that..

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Workshop session

How to show it
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Annual report

Who to give it to
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Content outreach


Snapshot: The 5 principles of data-driven content

With the rapid growth of fast moving consumer content, it's easy to get lost in a sea of channels, tools and topics. That's why we've distilled 5 guiding principles to help steer your brand towards remarkable visual content..

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