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UK Bloggers Survey 2016


Blogging is a well-established form of communication, but did you know that 77% of UK bloggers are female? That’s according to the results of Vuelio’s UK Blogger Survey, conducted following the successful launch of the Vuelio Blog Awards in November 2015.

Vuelio approached us to visualise the survey data in a more compact piece of shareable content. The aim was to create further awareness of Vuelio among PR agencies, digital marketers and – of course, bloggers – and generate media coverage of the report.


The survey created a wealth of interesting data, so infogr8 suggested splitting the content into two editorial infographics, rather than just one. Each illustrated infographic uses bitesize charts and callout stats to communicate highlights from the survey.

Each infographic was created in consultation with Vuelio’s brand guidelines and branding team, resulting in two assets that were visually engaging, easy to follow and rich with relevant information.

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Managing Director
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