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Now We Move


The International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) brings together organisations connected to sport and physical activity from across the globe. In 2012, they launched the NowWeMove campaign, which highlights the importance of exercise for good health. But their 2015 report found that two thirds of adults in Europe don’t get enough exercise. ISCA commissioned a suite of content from infogr8 to raise awareness of the startlingly high levels of inactivity – and their deadly consequences.


We produced the animated infographic below, plus multiple static and bitesize infographics for the various ISCA teams. As ISCA were aiming to reach people across Europe, each graphic had to be first produced in English, then translated into a further five languages.

View all the infographics here.


“The team at Infog8 have been excellent to work with. Their professionalism and skill at working on multiple pieces of work at the same time were vital for our fast moving and ever changing project. Despite being given a very tight timeline they still managed to create innovative and fresh infographics (both static and animated) that delighted our client. Their clear process helped keep the project on track and ensured it was delivered on time. From our experience on this project we would definitely recommend the services of Infogr8”

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