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Infosecurity Europe Campaign


(ISC)² are best known for their certification programme, but how do they better communicate their wider membership offering and its benefits?

(ISC)² attend key events each year where they interact with existing and potential new members. Infogr8 we’re tasked to present ISC through visual storytelling.



We delivered a full content audit across (ISC)²’s communications followed by a workshop to get to the core of what makes the cyber security community tick and how this relates to what ISC deliver for its members. Through mapping exercises, we identified a campaign programme of assets to create a workflow and help amplify the benefits of being a member. This was targeted across prospects alongside current members who weren’t fully aware of all the perks.

With the strategy at the centre, we delivered a suite of exhibition assets pre, during and post-event to attract the core audience and present the (ISC)² story in a succinct and engaging way. These assets included a stand mural, micro animation, leaflet, eCRM, landing web page, social banners and micro content.

The approach was to help guide the user to the most relevant information effectively and rapidly. Displaying unique perspectives in order to offer the most valuable insights and findings. We utilised the power of data-led content to highlight key messages, making the content work harder by atomising content across different touch points.




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