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It’s not often that a San Francisco tech startup like Inflect come knocking at your door. The cloud based infrastructure business provides companies with a simple online method of searching, comparing and choosing the best internet infrastructure provider for their organisation – enabling customers to skip front line sales and compare solutions visually and in a compelling way.
After an intense period of behind-the-scenes discovery and define data visualisation work, infogr8 were commissioned to create a progressive identity for Inflect. Inline with Inflects target audience of companies who are rapidly expanding, the new brand needed to express this moment of change and transformation.


Our priority was to steer Inflect in a modern, forward thinking and dynamic approach to their new brand identity. As per their name we visually grasped the point of ‘inflection’, illustrating the sudden growth experienced by their clients using strong keylines and angles to create a distinctive and ownable brand mark. We complimented this with a series of images and colours that work cohesively to illustrate the point of inflection.


infogr8 created a brand toolkit that included a logo library and graphic device, colour palette, typography and example applications. These clear guidelines ensure the representation of the brand is consistent across all channels. The brand identity has been well received and due to be rolled out on the beta site and forthcoming demo events.


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