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London Borough of Bexley

Bexley Growth Strategy


The future of the London borough of Bexley looks exciting, with major transformation planned across transportation, prosperity and community. How do we best inform the community and ensure their voice is heard?

Bexley, situated in south-east London on the River Thames, is rich with open spaces, beautiful waterscapes and historic houses.

With an impressive future to present to their constituents and other stakeholders, Bexley approached infogr8 to help visualise this vision in a clear, distilled and compelling way, showing the plans and how the community would benefit from the growth strategy.

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A versatile series of striking visual explainers accommodating Bexley’s use case needs across digital, physical door drops and road show events.

Out came the generic bullet point report, in came a landscape of isometric illustrations strategically plotting key elements of the growth plan across a warm, open and inviting format.

As part of the development of Bexley’s style guide, we distilled the five key areas of the report into a series of core illustrated visuals. These visuals communicated the vision of Bexley in a simple and engaging way, using colourful illustrations and easy-to-understand charts with important call-out statistics. The illustrations weaved through the different areas to create a consistent story and create a sense of fluidity.  Annotation was balanced across a grid structure to ensure the information had prominence and space to clearly communicate developments in a less abstract form.



The Bexley growth strategy summary was met with applause, the responsive approach to the five key areas of growth has allowed the council to communicate the areas in a consolidated view and individual view across multiple comms outlets.

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